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Do you wish to rent out your house or apartment?

Renting your house or investment property on the real estate market is a serious matter, You want your interests to be taken care of in the most professional way.

We make a thorough screening of potential tenants. Employees have to provide us with details on their income and employment contract, and if necessary we contact the HRM department of their employer. Entrepreneurs have to provide us with a copy of their latest income tax return or latest annual accounts.

Here is a brief description of the whole process we will go through for you.

  • we set up an intake meeting with you and visit your property. There after we advise you on the pricing of your property
  • if necessary we give you some advice on how to improve the attractiveness of your property on the market.
  • we make a professional presentation, with a proper description, including a professional photo shoot
  • we put your property on the most popular property portals in such a way that every potential tenant will easily find your property.
  • we provide potential tenants with a guided tour in your property.
  • we negotiate on your behalf about the price.
  • we screen the tenants as described.
  • we make the rental agreement in Dutch or English according to applicable law and regulations and we organize the payment of the rent.
  • we arrange the check-in, the delivery of the keys en we make a thorough report on the state of the property at the beginning of the contract period.
  • we arrange the check-out and compare the state of delivery with the state of the property at the beginning of the contract period. If any damage has been done, the costs will be charged to the tenant and withheld from the caution.

You do not succeed in selling your property? May be renting out is a good option.

Suppose your property is on sale, or you plan to do as such. If a short term sell is your goal, this can cause a problem as the market for selling is not as strong as it used to be. In this case renting out can be a good alternative until the market is more favorable. A lot of aspects have to be dealt with if you want to rent out your property on a temporary basis. We know our way within the regulations you will have to deal with, and can apply for the necessary permit.

In brief, we take care of every detail involved, and this on a no cure no pay basis.

Do you wish to receive more information? Do you want to share your thoughts and plans with us?                                                                Please contact us at 00 31 43 3030067 or send us an e mail on info@starhousing.nl.