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Your partner for a full service rental package!

You may well know Star Housing Maastricht especially for our mediation between tenant and landlord. Starting form there, over the years we have become a true full – service specialist in the management of residential and commercial properties.

Management of property is a customized business in close consultation with the owner of the property or portfolio.

  • You as a home owner plan to rent your home or investment property, but you dislike frequent and professional contact with your tenants?
  • Are you going abroad for a long time?
  • For these and other related circumstances we offer a professional and reliable partner in management so you can safely enjoy your return on investment. We would be happy to take all the management tasks involved off your hands.

Finally, the Dutch tax authorities may question whether an investment is income tax wise treated as a so called Box III investment. If you have made too much work in person on your investment property, the tax settlement should take place in the generally less advantageous ‘Box 1’. Outsourcing the management of the property can prevent this.